Friday, June 25, 2010

Easy Discounts for Post Office Shipping

Easy Discounts for Post Office Shipping
What's a quick way to get discounts on your Post Office shipping? That's easy. Make sure your shipping system uses Internet postage. When you ship with the Post Office and use Internet postage, you can save anywhere from 5% to 13% depending on the USPS service(s) you use. Some post office services are not discounted, but many of the popular USPS services, such as Priority Mail, are. Save 5% off of retail Express Mail® rates and up to 13% off of retail rates on Priority Mail shipments, depending on the package weight and distance shipped. For International shipping, you save 5% on Priority Mail International shipments and 8% on Express Mail International. And you receive these savings along with the convenience of printing the postage directly on the shipping label. When the label is printed, you are done! What could be easier?

This can increase your company's sales, too. When your company carefully controls shipping costs, you can establish flat-rate or even free shipping offers. These are proven to both attract customers and to decrease abandoned shopping carts - a great situation where everybody wins.

When you intelligently use the Post Office in combination with your other package carriers, you can create a competitive advantage for your company to make more sales and save on shipping, too. We see Post Office services becoming more and more popular. With their offer of several "flat-rate" services, no extra charge for rural or residential delivery, plus package tracking through Delivery Confirmation, the Post Office can play a significant part in a company's shipping strategy.

If your current shipping system cannot ship with Internet postage now, ask about adding it. If it's just not available for your current system, our CPS(TM) multiple carrier shipping software includes this capability, using, in every package. CPS can solve the problem of using Internet postage, and the solution can win sales. See for details.

Evaluate your potential savings with CPS. Try the CPS Savings Calculator from our home page at

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