Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Make Sure Your Shipping System Software Is Not Trapped By Your Anti-Virus Protection

Make Sure Your Shipping System Software Is Not Trapped By Your Anti-Virus Protection
People around the world are trying to stop your shipping computer, and your other computers, too, from working correctly. That's a fact. And if your shipping system computer gets hacked, it's a real problem for everyone. But sometimes, the cure can cause a problem.

When you update your computer anti-virus system, most of the time the update gives you the latest protection files with information about the viruses, Trojans, worms, spyware, rootkits, etc., so your anti-virus program knows what to look for. But sometimes the update includes new software for the anti-virus program itself, not just new protection files. It's that kind of update that can affect your shipping system. To work correctly with different carriers, a multiple carrier shipping system needs to connect to the outside world. Anti-virus programs carefully monitor these connections, and the conflict happens when the new anti-virus software no longer allows the shipping software to have the access it needs.

If your shipping system was working yesterday and suddenly doesn't work today and your Internet connection is still good, check to see if there was an anti-virus program update (or maybe a firewall change - see blog of May 13, 2010). If you call the shipping system company's tech support first, since the shipping software is not the source of the problem there is not much the technician can do to help. Of course, that does not stop packages from stacking up.

If you verify there was a change in the program, most shipping systems companies can provide the technical information needed so the updated anti-virus program can be set up to allow the shipping system computer to work properly again. For our CPS shipping software, our technicians are talented and know many of the signs that point to this kind of change that disables the shipping system, but you may need your IT or other computer staff to help solve this. One other suggestion to keep your shipping computer working its best - restart it everyday. This lets it start fresh every day so it can work as well as possible.

Certainly you want your shipping system to be fast, but you have to protect yourself against the threats that can affect your shipping and your business. So use the protection programs and if your shipping system stops working, check to see if your received an anti-virus program update or change. It's a lot easier to solve this type of issue compared to the real problems that a hacker halfway around the world (or just down the street) can cause.

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