Thursday, May 29, 2008

US Postal Service Shipping and Tracking

For my USPS® shipping and tracking, recently I've noticed that the Delivery Confirmation number now returns more information than in the past. Today when I used my free CPS™ Parcel Locator Gadget on my iGoogle™ home page to track my package mailed on Tuesday from FL to PA, I found some great new results. The USPS Track and Confirm page now shows it received the data about the package and also shows that the package was processed through its Tampa facility. This is a great improvement!

This all happened when I shipped my package using CPS and Endicia® Internet postage. Has anyone else noticed this (what appears to be) more detailed tracking information for USPS packages?

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Shipping Notices Keep Customers Happy

Don't forget to show your customers you are giving them great service. One simple way is to send them an email to let them know their package is on the way. Today's best order systems may have this feature, the carrier shipping systems might be able to help, and high-quality third-party shipping systems have this as an optional or (better yet) a standard feature.

For example, Harvey Software’s CPS shipping software includes as standard the SHIP eLERT® that sends email shipping notices right out of CPS using your company's own email address. You don't need Outlook, Outlook Express, etc., for this. Since each SHIP eLERT comes from you instead of the carrier or another party, there is no doubt about who your customer is doing business with.

Great service keeps customers. Showing customers know how well you are serving them is a great way to encourage repeat business.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Some Money Saving Ideas to Reduce Shipping Expenses

CPS Shipping Sofware by Harvey Software, Inc.

With all the concern about current shipping rate increases, businesses should consider some other ways to save money. For example, beyond sending your packages using the best service at the best rate, it is also important to make sure the address is correct. This insures that you will not receive address correction charges that further increase shipping costs. Many shipping software packages like Harvey Software’s CPS will automatically do address correction for you.

Another great money saving idea is to use carrier provided envelopes and boxes. These not only save the cost of the container, but many times they qualify for reduced shipping fees as in the Flat Rate Priority Envelopes and Boxes. To learn more about carrier provided shipping envelope and boxes visit the links below:

For UPS® click here…

For US® Postal Service click here…

For FedEx® click here and log in the Ordering Supplies section…


Wednesday, May 14, 2008

USPS Manifest Users Can Get Commercial Rates - Here's How...

If you use a post office manifest, we have an update about the new commercial and retail USPS rates. Originally we were told that shippers who use a manifest could not take advantage of commercial rates. On Monday the post office told us that manifest users can use commercial rates under certain conditions: 1) delivery confirmation codes are printed on each shipping label and 2) the delivery confirmation data is electronically uploaded to the post office. So, if you manifest and meet these conditions, you get the new commercial rates. Our CPS program will be changed to allow this in CPS Setup in the next day or two. In the meantime, if you are using our manifest software and want to get started with these new rates now, call our support department and they can send you the files to get started immediately. So, if this is you, enjoy the savings!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Get the Best Shipping Rate with New Post Office Commercial and Retail Prices

Like they promised, the post office is changing their prices on schedule again. They decided to do changes in May, and this year's changes take effect on May 12th. The changes are a lot more than listed here, but it's easy to see them at

In the saving money department, new for this year are the lower prices for Priority Mail and Express Mail when you use online postage. You might read about new "retail" and "commercial" prices. You get commercial prices when you use online postage, and those prices are lower than retail. Retail prices are what you pay when you go to the counter at the post office.

To get the lower prices, you want to be sure your shipping system uses an online postage system. Harvey's CPS is one shipping system that does this. and others are online postage providers. The post office says the average Priority savings is 3.5% and for Express Mail it is 3%. Certainly better than a fuel surcharge!

If you use a manifest you pay retail prices and don't get the commercial discount. You might qualify for a volume discount, but this new commercial pricing is guaranteed only if you use online postage. The post office is still holding meetings about this update, so we may see more changes before they are done.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Are You Ready for Monday’s Fuel Surcharge Increase?

Effective May 5, 2008 carrier fuel surcharges for Air and International services will change from 20% to 25%. The fuel surcharge for ground will change from 6.25% to 7.75%. Once again the cost of fuel is hitting us with one of the largest jumps in fuel surcharges for some time. Every business that charges for shipping needs to make sure they have address this increase starting Monday, May 5, 2008. Ignoring this increase could eat deeply into profits, especially if you offer flat rate or free shipping!