Monday, March 24, 2014

How can using multi-carrier shipping software improve my business and save me money?

How can using multi-carrier shipping software improve my business and save me money?
For over 30 years, Harvey Software has provided industry-leading multi-carrier shipping software to shippers to help them optimize their UPS, FedEx and USPS shipping.  With over 35,000 installations that have shipped billions of packages and growing, coupled with new money-saving options, every business should be using Harvey Software’s CPS™ (Computerized Parcel System) multi-carrier shipping software solution to streamline business processes, improve shipment visibility to customers and improve the bottom line.

A high volume shipping software system is the last stop for your parcels before they earn their shipping label and leave your business bound for your customer.  Of course your shipping system affects the shipping department.  Keep in mind it also significantly impacts accounting, customer service, sales and management.

Shortly after using one of our shipping software solutions Powered by CPS, many business owners tell us that they don’t know why they were using the carrier-supplied shipping systems in the first place.  They suddenly realize that much of what took so long in their old shipping process was never necessary in the first place.  Besides the obvious savings using CPS rate shopping features, company employees will be saving time due to the simplicity of a multi-carrier shipping system.  Other functions in your business will gain visibility into the order lifecycle and your customers will reap the rewards of a more efficient fulfillment process.  It is a win all around!

There are so many good reasons to use a multi-carrier system versus the “free” carrier supplied system.   A carrier certified, multi-carrier system Powered by CPS is designed to meet the needs of the shipper.  With carrier supplied systems, the carriers needs always come first.  Carriers develop their “free” systems to capture specific data from each package and produce carrier compliant labels.  These needs are what drive the carriers to provide these ‘free” systems to their customers, who number in the hundreds of thousands.  These “give away” shipping systems are not designed for specific industries or for specific types of shippers.  They are designed to provide specific data and carrier compliant labels, to make the carrier more profitable!

Shipping Software Solutions Powered by CPS
A true carrier-neutral multi-carrier system is designed with you, the shipper, in mind. That’s why we bundle the carriers into one single solution with one user interface and one source for your shipping data. That’s why a multi-carrier system provides tools that help you to better manage your customers and help you to increase sales and satisfy customers. That’s why a multi-carrier system Powered by CPS shipping software provides tools that help you connect to a variety of systems like your order entry, accounting, website or warehouse management system, providing important shipping data to the shipping software and getting valuable shipment tracking information in return.  In short, multi-carrier shipping was designed for YOU, the one who depends on shipping products to YOUR customers in the fastest way possible and at the best possible shipping cost.

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