Monday, January 10, 2011

It's Shipping System Update Season

It's Shipping System Update Season
What's next after "Happy New Year!"? For quite a few years now it's been your shipping system update. Each new year brings new carrier rates and requirements, plus maybe changes in the way you ship. Let’s look at the major differences that just took effect. These notes apply to Harvey Software's CPS™ shipping software, but other shipping systems will have similar changes. For some shipping systems the update is an additional charge. For our CPS shipping system, the update programming is included at no additional cost for any current CPS program.

First, a summary of the carriers' rate changes:

FedEx Express, Ground and Home Delivery rates increase by an average of 5.9%. But the FedEx fuel surcharge is being reduced, which will partially offset this change.

Next, UPS Ground service has increased 5.9%, with a 1% reduction in the UPS Ground services fuel surcharge that puts the net increase at 4.9%. UPS Air and International service has increased 6.9% with a 2% reduction in the UPS Air and International services fuel surcharge for a 4.9% change.

Some popular Post Office package services also increased in price. When using domestic services, look for increases in retail and commercial base Priority Mail rates as well as an increase in retail rates for Express mail. For international mailers, there are price changes for the Priority Mail International, Global Express Guaranteed, and international M-bag services. And there is more.

New also are Priority Mail services that include a Legal Flat Rate Envelope, a Priority Mail International Padded Flat Rate Envelope, a Priority Mail Critical Mail Letter, Priority Mail Critical Mail Flat, Priority Mail Regional Rate Box A and Priority Mail Regional Rate Box B.

Remember there are discounts for many Post Office rates when using Internet postage, such as or Definitely something to look into if you are not already using it. If you already use Internet postage, look for updates for that software, too.

One item to note this year is CPS' support for the UPS carbon neutral selection. If you are concerned about the environmental impact of shipping, the carbon neutral shipping option from UPS lets you demonstrate your commitment to "green", enabling you and your package recipients to share in that commitment. Just choose the carbon neutral option when shipping with UPS in CPS. There is a small per package charge and UPS has pledged matching funds for this. For more on UPS carbon neutral click here...

FedEx and UPS changes took effect on January 3rd, while the Post Office changes were effective January 2nd. The latest fuel surcharges for FedEx and UPS also took effect on January 3rd.

As you complete your shipping system software updates, check to see which version of your shipping software is the most current and make sure that’s what you see in your shipping system. For CPS, it's version 20110103, service pack A. No matter which shipping system you use, its update should be installed immediately to keep your shipping system carrier compliant and your packages moving smoothly in your chosen carrier's system.

One more note:

If you have negotiated your rates with a carrier and if you use CPS, we can work with FedEx and UPS so that your CPS will show your company's contracted rates with the carrier. Just call our sales department to ask about that.

Happy New Year!