Saturday, July 3, 2010

Why should I ship with the Post Office?

We've heard the jokes and seen the shows about postal workers, we know the term "snail mail" (not complimentary, to say the least), and we understand the reputation about questionable delivery success. However, every postal carrier I've ever talked to is at least as dedicated to delivering their packages as their small package carrier counterpart, so why not put that commitment to work for your company?

Let's look at some facts and reasons to consider the post office as part of a company's shipping choices and strategy.

Excellent price for residential delivery and lighter packages

For lighter packages, especially those going to residences, this is a sweet spot for the post office. For the lightest shipments, those under 13 ounces, the prices for USPS First Class with Delivery Confirmation are hard to beat. When you study the prices, you'll see that for packages over 13 ounces and up to 5 pounds or so, Priority Mail service with Delivery Confirmation is extremely competitive. And if you upload your Delivery Confirmation data or use Internet postage from a company like Endicia, Delivery Confirmation for Priority Mail is free. Finally, use a shipping system like CPS that does automatic rate comparisons and you'll always get the best price. That's reason #1.

No address correction fees

Sure, you can give the post office a package with an address to which delivery cannot be done. But, free delivery to a forwarding address is part of their service with no additional charges. Sometimes (granted, not every time), they even deliver a package when the address is close but not 100% accurate. Both of these can put you dollars ahead of the additional charges for address correction you'll see from other carriers. Another good reason to look at the post office.

They deliver everywhere

Well, maybe not EVERYwhere, but they cover all US addresses and most of the rest of the world, too. When shipping internationally, be sure the delivery time for the service you choose matches the delivery time you need. No other carrier has a wider delivery area. Even other carriers now depend on the post office for the final delivery of the packages shipped with some of their services. The reasons are mounting.

Discount pricing available to almost everyone

Upload your Delivery Confirmation data for Priority Mail, and Delivery Confirmation is free. Use an Internet postage company like or use a postal manifest and you take advantage of Commercial Base price discounts. Internet postage users also enjoy discounts on some international services, too. If you ship insured packages, the online postage companies have great prices for package insurance. No haggling or negotiating needed for these prices - just get started and start shipping. So add easy money saving discounts as another good reason.

No fuel surcharge

None! That says it all.

It seems there are many levels of success stories about using the USPS, but when you combine these clear advantages and use a multiple carrier shipping system like our CPS(TM) shipping software, you get great shipping prices and your packages get out the door fast. For more information about online postage for CPS click here. For additional information about CPS, visit

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