Saturday, June 12, 2010

Shipping 101 – Basic Tips that Can Save You with Each Package You Ship

Shipping 101 – Basic Tips that Can Save You with Each Package You Ship
Research the best shipping options. Use Ground service when its delivery is guaranteed by the day you need it. A shipping system like CPS can help with its Smart RateBot automatic rate shopping for the best price when delivery is needed by a certain date. If you regularly ship more than one package at a time to a domestic address, you may qualify for the carrier's shipment rate instead of the per package rate.

If you ship to Canada, include looking at the carrier ground services going there, too, not just the express services. If you ship to other international destinations, compare services and the delivery time. Every carrier has its own selection of international services you can use. Be sure to check requirements, weight limits and what's needed for international shipment documentation. The CPS shipping system leads you through preparing the needed international shipping invoice forms.

Keep up with what causes the carriers to charge extra fees and be sure you use those services and options only when you really need them. Shipping systems like CPS let you use the alternate insurance companies that can save a bundle on packages with declared value. To minimize address correction fees, check the address to be sure it's correct or even exists. The CPS Address Verification Module (AVM) will automatically check every address which can really slash your address correction fees.

The carriers' guaranteed services are very reliable, but check the actual delivery time against the promised delivery and you might have packages that qualify for service refunds. There are restrictions and time limits, so follow up promptly if you do this.

Look for the best prices and negotiate. You get a discount on many post office services when you use Internet postage. When you start to ship in volume, you may be able to negotiate with your carrier(s) for rate discounts and other benefits. Then, use rate comparison tools like RateBots in the CPS shipping software to be sure you get the best rate for every package.

Boost your customer service by emailing shipping notifications. With CPS, the Ship eLert shipping email is sent directly from your shipping computer using an email account from your company. There is no doubt in the customer's mind about who is sending the package, so you're providing great customer service and getting brand recognition. A happy customer is a returning buyer.

Check with the carriers to see what kind of packaging, labels and other supplies or shipping equipment they will provide. When you receive free packaging or boxes, a discounted price on a shipping printer or scale, or maybe shipping labels, the savings go right to your bottom line.

Whenever you ship on your account number, check that you get your discounts, any benefits you are due from the carrier, etc. Normally you need to follow up on billing questions pretty fast. A shipping system like CPS will provide daily reports to help you easily check your carrier bills.

These sound almost elementary (it is, after all, Hints 101) and you can really save when you pay attention to these tips. Check out to see other ways CPS can solve your shipping problems.


Healthcare Courier Services Provider said...

Excellent tips! Shipping items should not be to pricey. Thanks.

Courier Express Limited said...

These tips can really help people save time and money when shipping their goods. Aside from that, it can aid courier companies to provide its clients with a better, quality same-day delivery service.