Sunday, February 28, 2010

Printing Labels for More Than One Company Name Using a Single Carrier Account

Shipping under more than one name is easy if you have a carrier account for each name. If you have one account with each carrier but want to use several different name identities, that can be more complicated.

Why do companies ship packages under 2 or more different names? Maybe there is retail and wholesale divisions, or a fulfillment situation with two or more businesses all shipping from the same warehouse with one shipping system for all of the shipping. Packages shipped from ACME RETAIL need the shipping label to show ACME RETAIL. When the package is from ACME WHOLESALE it needs to say ACME WHOLESALE. But the ACME COMPANY has a single account with each of its carriers so how can this work? Your shipping software program may provide the answer for this.

In our CPS shipping software, there is a "Sender" feature that lets the user put a Sender code into a CPS field, and then CPS prints a return address on the shipping label according the address used for that Sender code. Using the Sender feature, labels print correctly and cost center reports based on the Sender codes are available. Reports can contain daily shipping data or shipping history data. Cost center reports can be broken down even further by carrier, giving several ways to manage cost information about this shipping. The result is one system that uses a single account for each carrier, and this single system prints the return address needed on the shipping label and provides reports, too.

Of course, with multiple account support for UPS, FedEx and USPS shipping, CPS can solve the multiple company name situation regardless of the carrier used.

CPS has lots of tools to solve today's shipping problems, so check out our web site at, or call us and we'll be glad to explain how we can make these problems go away.