Friday, May 18, 2012

New FedEx Capabilities Highlight Latest Update for CPS Shipping Software

New FedEx capabilities highlight latest update for CPS Shipping Software
The latest update for the CPS Shipping Software marks the first major update for CPS to support new technology from a carrier. This update lets CPS support FedEx Web Services package processing. This update increases package processing speed and opens new services and service options for CPS users.

Speed has always been a priority for processing all packages, including FedEx shipments, in the CPS shipping software. While incorporating this new FedEx technology into CPS, the programming group made a fast shipping system even faster with this update – a feat that took considerable ingenuity. Speed is not all that’s been added. This update includes a variety of new features and capabilities that enhance FedEx shipping, including: FedEx SmartPost® service now available and supported as a CPS Premium Module option; the special setup to print FedEx Express labels is no longer required - the Windows print system with appropriate Windows printer driver can be used to print FedEx Express, Ground, Home Delivery and SmartPost labels; the Signature release option for international shipments is more conveniently consolidated into Signature Confirmation options; the Hold At Location service for Canada is added; support for the FedEx Priority Alert service is added; Payment of Duty/Tax by Receiver for international shipping now validates the FedEx account number, if entered; and multi-piece FedEx Standard Ground shipping to Canada is supported. That’s a lot to add!

The FedEx SmartPost service is a FedEx/USPS “hybrid” service targeting low weight residential delivery. By supporting SmartPost and other “hybrid” delivery services, CPS continues to present shippers with the best, most cost effective shipping options for all of their packages. The number of companies looking for the best and least expensive alternative ways to ship lighter packages, especially to residential addresses, is growing and CPS puts its users in the driver's seat.

With increased shipping speed, expanded services, enhanced international shipping options and numerous other improvements, we think you will be more than pleased with what CPS now offers in providing the latest shipping technology in a multi-carrier shipping system.

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