Monday, October 11, 2010

Getting the Best Price for Package Delivery by a Specific Date

Getting the Best Price for Package Delivery by a Specific Date
If your company ships products that must be delivered within a certain number of days, your shipping system should be able to expand your choices about how to ship the orders to get them delivered on time while saving your company in shipping costs. Here's an example. Let's say a package has to be delivered within 3 days. You just compare rates for the 3 day service for each of the carriers you use, then choose the carrier with the least expensive 3 day service - right? That will work, but it may not be the least expensive way to ship and still make delivery on time. Try this: check your carriers' guaranteed delivery time using their ground service. Anytime your package can meet its delivery commitment using guaranteed ground service instead of an express service, you come out ahead.

In the summer, candy, other food items, gifts and important business packages might need quick delivery. Closer to the holidays, if delivery of last minute gift orders or perishable food is not made on time, the event or the food can be ruined. On-time delivery is important, but why pay too much?

Making customers happy is just one reason to use "time shopping". Create a selling advantage to draw attention to your company and close more sales by promising delivery within 3 days for all of your orders. Fast delivery definitely encourages sales. Again in this case, there is no reason to pay too much to deliver these packages. So how can a shipping system help? One way is to make this "time shopping" process automatic. Here is how our CPS shipping software delivers these savings.

CPS Smart RateBots automatically shop carrier rates according to the delivery time. Staying with our 3 day example, depending on your location, ground service guarantees delivery in 3 days (or less) to a large part of the US. Use CPS Smart RateBots (or a feature like them in your shipping system) to minimize your shipping costs and maximize sales and customer satisfaction. You completely control the decisions made by Smart RateBots, so you control your shipping savings. You can use Smart RateBots for the best 2 day delivery, the best next day delivery - whatever you choose. Whether it's time sensitive documents, perishables or other packages that need to be delivered within a specific number of days, use Smart RateBots for the best priced delivery for all your packages.

And here's a bonus. Often, the least expensive shipping method is also the best Green shipping choice. Pleasing customers, saving money and saving the planet - it's a hard combination to beat!

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