Friday, April 13, 2012

Low Cost Custom Auto Part Shipping

Shipping Custom Auto Parts Retailer
Classic cars are a huge passion to many Americans. Have you ever wanted something your car didn't come with or to make your special car look a certain way? The search for custom parts and even replacement parts just got easier with the internet. Now many of those parts vendors have pretty cool websites like CHEVYMALL ( or West Coast Corvettes ( where you can find almost any part that your heart desires. Now getting those parts that the customers purchase to them easy and fast is where our CPS Shipping Software comes in.

Classic Corvette CarThis is a competitive market and margins are thin. Any advantage you can get by reducing shipping costs to you and your customers helps increase those profits. It could also mean the gain of a sale by your shipping costs being cheaper than your fellow competition. This is where multi-carrier shipping software pays off - by comparing carrier rates for every package quickly and easily. The Computerized Parcel System (CPS) will rate shop between major carriers - FedEx, UPS, USPS and even the hybrid services.

Classic Corvette LogoThat is not all the CPS Shipping Software does. One important thing that online vendors need is branding. CPS has an email notification system that helps small websites build its brand into loyal, long-time parts customers which is essential for your company. Another key point is that CPS speeds up the processing of orders cutting down the amount of time it takes per shipping package turning the company into like a well tuned car.

Classic Chevy BelAir This is just one example of how multi-carrier shipping software can help with an online parts vendor's business. Shift your business into high gear and checkout today.

Cars photographed were provided by Classic Cars of Florida (

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