Monday, May 9, 2016

Postal Requirements for Using eVS Lowered

Do I Qualify to Use USPS eVS?
USPS Electronic Verification System (eVS) allows shippers to process and label packages with postage paid using files transmitted at the end of the day with all the shipping data.

USPS eVS is part of the PostalOne! System and the business requirements are supported by high volume shipping software like Harvey Software’s CPS which is designed with the higher volume shippers in mind.

In the beginning, USPS eVS had package volume requirements of an annual daily average of 200 packages per day. Recently the average daily requirement has been lowered to 50 packages per day or an average of 50 pounds in total package weight shipped daily. This reduction has now made it very appealing to most medium to large volume shippers to consider USPS eVS in the place of using Internet Postage.

USPS eVS eliminates paperwork from old hard copy manifest and postage statements as these have been all replaced with electronic documentation and data uploads created by the certified shipping software used. No third party Internet Postage account is needed when a shipper uses USPS eVS as they deal directly with the Post Office through PostalOne!.

USPS eVS Label from a High Volume Shipping Software Solutions Powered by CPS
Packages are packed, weighed, labelled and have tracking services just like shipping a package with any other carrier. With high volume multi-carrier shipping software systems, like those found at Harvey Software, processing USPS eVS packages can be very fast because there is no Internet Postage access required during package processing. This means package processing can take as little as 1 or 2 seconds to process.

There are many valuable features that surface out of this type of processing in addition to speed and volume efficiency.  For example, if a bad label is created or the package needs to be changed during processing and before it leaves the processing facility, no special handling or postage refunds required. The package is just deleted from within the shipping software used and a new label is reprinted.  Since data is not uploaded to USPS until end of day processing, old incorrect labels can be discarded and new corrected labels created with the correct information.  No more long waits for postage refunds because charges for what is shipped occurs at the end of the day and not when the label is printed.  This is a huge processing speed and financial savings as everyone know things change during processing packages.

Shipping Software Solutions Powered by CPS
USPS eVS makes shipping packages with the US Post Office just like shipping with all the other carriers.  If you have not considered USPS eVS lately and you ship around 50 packages per day you really should be contacting an USPS eVS certified vendor like Harvey Software and let them help you decide if USPS eVS is right for your business.

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