Friday, June 4, 2010

How Green Shipping Make $$ for Your Business

How Green Shipping Make $$ for Your Business
More often than it's comfortable to say, when I hear "green" I always think I'm about to hear ideas that may be good for the environment, even great, but ideas that many companies just can't afford to implement today. Plus, a number of these do not pack any payback for the company. Where are some green ideas that can also create green ($$) for your company? Here are some green shipping ideas you can implement, and our CPS shipping software can help. These ideas can bring both types of "green" to your company, and that can be a real problem solver.

1. Use a carrier's Ground service whenever possible:

Studies tell us that Ground service is better for the environment than air service. It also costs less. To use Ground service whenever possible can take some planning and your shipping system can help. Let's say you promise delivery within 2 days (or next day or within 3 days), our CPS shipping software includes the Smart RateBot, which automatically chooses Ground service whenever Ground will meet the delivery commitment date. That's a double green payback for your company right there.

2. Use packaging that's appropriate for the item to be shipped:

This includes using the right size box, or maybe changing the packaging, such as refrigerated packaging for perishables, which means you don't need express delivery and your product stays fresh. Once again, if you can use Ground service, you are ahead. Using the right size box instead of a box that's too big gives you the best shot at avoiding additional dimensional weight charges. Good packaging is another smart green choice.

3. Send package tracking info by email:

Since every extra email and phone call takes resources, send your customers their tracking information when you ship their package. You'll really reduce the "back and forth" that happens when your customers have to contact you for package information, then you have to email them the information they requested or spend time on the phone. Every email and phone call you can save reduces your company's effect on the environment and solves both customer service and company resource issues.

4. Streamline your package processing steps:

Analyze each step needed to get an order packed and out the door, including the speed of the shipping system itself. These days, many workers wear multiple hats, so using a proven shipping system like CPS, which can process a package in seconds, can free up a shipping system operator for other duties, too. Fast shipping has other benefits. When packages can be shipped quickly, you can fill more orders, even those you receive later in the day. Fast shipping creates very satisfied customers, and they will remember and be back for more. Just like trees and oil, your employees are also a scarce resource so treat them accordingly.

5. Keep track of energy use inside the company:

That printer that stays on overnight when no one is in the office, the light that's not turned off, the computers that are constantly on, even over the weekend - add up the cost of this energy use and you can have a pretty impressive yearly number. When everyone pitches in to monitor just the items in their area, you can make some great green savings and maybe add some years of life to equipment, too.

And while you're at it, if you have your own delivery vehicles, check their tire pressure regularly. Some of these ideas can bring big savings right away. For others, it's the accumulated effect that pays off. So when you think green, think about the green you can save and green will start to make a lot of sense.

For more ideas visit Harvey Software's Green Shipping Resources by clicking here...

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