Friday, July 23, 2010

Getting Started with Internet Postage is Easy - Here's How

Using CPS Shipping Software with Endicia...
You know it's there; you can try it free, so now you've decided it's time to try out Internet postage for US Postal Service shipping. What's next and how do you choose the right plan to make this work for your company? The following explains how to take advantage of the special 60 day Endicia free trial using CPS. Keep in mind you can also try the Computerized Parcel System (CPS™) shipping software for just $19.95 a month for 60 days.

When you sign up with Endicia, you choose one of their service levels. The Endicia Premium service is their plan that works with CPS and is their next to least expensive plan. The Premium plan does everything you need for domestic and international USPS shipping, even if you are a high volume shipper. After you sign up, next you download and install Endicia's DAZzle software. After DAZzle is installed, you run CPS Setup to tell CPS that you want to use Endicia Internet postage, make your label choices for domestic and international shipments, and now you are ready to ship your domestic and international packages with the Post Office. That's it. Sign up, set it up, and start saving!

Last time we covered a number of reasons to use Endicia's Internet postage. The savings and convenience are great, and there is more. If you do not want to display the amount of the postage on your package, this stealth postage feature is just a setting you make. If you use package insurance, you have the choice to use Endicia's discounted package insurance. Plus, basic address verification is included and you can even choose to use this for every package you ship, not just Endicia Internet postage packages.

And don't forget to use that free 60 day trial. This limited time offer may end without notice, so try it today.

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