Friday, September 30, 2011

Multi-Carrier Shipping System Helps Promote Your Brand Through Email Visibility

Multi-Carrier Shipping System Helps Promote Your Brand Through Email Visibility

If you do a lot of shopping online, perhaps you’ve run into this before: you place several orders in a short period of time, and you receive confirmation and tracking emails for all of the orders within a day or two. I browsed through my own inbox and found email addresses like “orders”, “service” and “customerservice” from last year’s holiday orders. In order to see who I ordered from, I have to open the email and sift through all the text to see who it’s actually from. It would be so much easier if the company’s name was shown in the “FROM” address. Harvey Software’s CPS shipping software includes the SHIP eLERT® feature, a customizable email notification sent from your company’s email address that increases visibility for your customer so they see your brand every time you ship.

What about the subject line? Do you want it to say “RE: Your order”? That’s pretty generic, and doesn’t set your business apart from others. In a global marketplace, your brand needs some identification. If you sell electronics, maybe you want the subject line to say something about electronics. When your customer searches their inbox for “electronics”, your tracking email shows up, inviting them back for more shopping.

The CPS shipping software SHIP eLERT email is simple, straightforward, and to the point. Your customer sees origin and destination information, carrier and service used, and package info like weight and size. The tracking number is presented along with a link to track the package in real time—no need to copy and paste tracking numbers into carrier websites. There are few tracking emails set up in a more logical fashion.

I will confess that after my packages arrive, I rarely go back and look at those tracking emails—except when I need to order a related item months or even years later. Although I may use standard search methods to find the initial product, to order again I search my own email, find the tracking confirmation, and then find the same website. If I was pleased with my first purchase, I become a repeat customer by using that company’s tracking email as a reference for my future purchases. Visibility on your tracking emails encourages repeat business through brand recognition to help your customers recall your website.

Features like the SHIP eLERT set CPS shipping software apart from other multi-carrier shipping systems and your company apart from others. We recognize the value of promoting an online brand, and we provide tools to help your business accomplish this goal. For more information, visit


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Well, truth be told, this has actually happened, and when it did it was such a huge pain! Glad there are some stuff available for it now.