Friday, September 9, 2011

CPS Support Means People Who Can Help On the Other End of the Line

CPS Support Means People Who Can Help on the Other End of the Line

We recently concluded a series about the advantages of multiple carrier shipping systems compared to the “free” systems provided by the carriers. If you are not yet using a multi-carrier shipping system, you might be interested in the posts beginning on May 30th. Over the next several weeks, we are going to shift gears from just the multi-carrier aspects and highlight features of the Computerized Parcel System (CPS) to show how our CPS shipping software improves your shipping operation compared to all other shipping systems.

A primary benefit of CPS is its versatility. CPS modules and features work together to provide considerable shipping power. Finding the lowest shipping rate is made possible on-screen with the BestWay Calculator or automatically by using CPS RateBots or Smart RateBots, each of which can be customized to the exact need of the user. The CPS Address Verification Module helps prevent shipping to bad addresses, which helps cut address correction charges, and finds the correct commercial/residential address status so users get the most accurate rate comparisons. The CPS Automator allows completely hands-free operation. These are just samples, and there is more, which we will detail and describe in upcoming weeks.

Perhaps the best CPS feature isn’t computer code, but the people behind that code. Our highly trained support team makes sure CPS works for its users as intended. We know that shipping is critical for our customers. If an issue arises, our support team works with the CPS user to solve it as quickly as possible so they can get back to shipping packages. The CPS support team also communicates directly with our development team about how CPS is used and what CPS users are asking for. This allows us to design new software products and features that best fit the needs of our customers. We consider our support team critical for our users in day-to-day use of CPS as well as for our product development.

Our support doesn’t stop with our users. CPS communicates with the carriers’ systems, and sometimes even the major carriers have issues with their own software. A few weeks ago, a carrier had server communication errors on their end. Some of our customers called us when they received those errors. We notified that carrier of the issue and helped them diagnose the problem. That quick reaction and communication helped everyone using that carrier get back to shipping their packages on schedule. Our support team had an impact on all customers using that carrier.

Our customers appreciate being able to call and speak with a person right away. Even if the problem lies outside our software, we try to provide suggestions about how users can solve it. Harvey Software's mission is to rapidly deliver high quality multi-carrier compliant tracking and shipping software solutions that provide maximum efficiency, reliability, accountability and long term savings for today's business e-commerce checkout and order processing systems. Our people stand behind that mission and carry it out, and that means our customers are going to have shipping solutions that save money and time, week after week, year after year. Keep an eye on this blog over the next several weeks to discover other ways that Harvey Software's CPS shipping software works to provide you with the most versatile and efficient multi-carrier shipping system available on the market today. For more information, visit

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