Tuesday, July 21, 2009

FREE Multi-Carrier Shipping Software?

Usually we write about shipping and ideas showing the ways that an automated shipping process can really help a company's profit. Of course, since it's our Blog, we also show how features in our CPS shipping software can help, but we also explain the features to look for in other systems, too. This Blog is different. This will still have an idea (or two!) for shippers to save, but this time we can't tell you what to look for in systems other than CPS. This is not because we are changing our direction, but rather there is not another shipping system we've seen that presents this new offer.

Would you like to use multi-carrier shipping software for FREE? Well, you can! Today's economic conditions are very complex. While we know our multi-carrier shipping products can help you save as you ship, we also realize that finding ways to lower your costs to do business is very important. Plus, the economy is stressing your customers. For these reasons, Harvey Software has created our all new Shipper Dollars program that can let you use our shipping products for FREE! That's something that no other shipping system provider gives you.

If you want to know the details about Harvey Software’s Shipper Dollars click here… The rewards are generous and it's easy to get into the program. Check it out today!

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