Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Services Like UPS Mail Innovations® Offer Great Rates. Now What?

Have you been offered (or maybe read about) the new services that combine the package carriers' service with the post office doing final delivery? There are several. Since the UPS Mail Innovations service is a good example of these; I'm going to discuss that service that handles packages up to one (1) pound. The carriers will give you the pros and cons of the service but there is no doubt they do have really appealing rates. But how do you make the service work best for you?

There are obstacles. The special rates you get with this service may not be supported in your order management system so the order system cannot choose the service for you. You could pre-sort your packages after packing, but this can mean double handling packages and missing packages that could ship with this service and losing the maximum savings. This is where a shipping system can help. Here is how our CPS™ Shipping System handles this.

CPS seamlessly integrates UPS Mail Innovations into the CPS shipping software. This lets CPS users choose UPS Mail Innovations for any package, or shipper can let CPS RateBots™ automatically rate shop and choose UPS Mail Innovations so CPS users save with every qualifying package they ship. This type of seamless integration puts CPS users in the driver's seat. Anytime a shipping system lets a shipper take advantage of cost savings, the shipper wins.

Check with your shipping system provider to see how your system can work with these services. Visit http://www.HarveySoft.com/ if you would like to know more about CPS.

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