Thursday, December 18, 2008

More Turn to Internet Retailers for Holiday Shopping

Retail sales figures may be down this year for many retailers. We are told customers are buying less. But, there is one strong trend that we are seeing that is very positive. There are definitely more buyers purchasing on the web this year!

How can that be when overall retail sales are down? We are seeing a 2-5% increase in unique people tracking packages daily as compared to last year’s volumes. This means that even though volumes shipped are down as a whole, more people are turning to the web for their holiday shopping than ever before. We feel this is a very strong indicator for the future of the Internet retailer.

We also continue to receive reports from some of our clients that they not only have more customers buying this year, they also report increased sales. In fact, clients who used our CPS flat rate calculator to employ our flat rate and free shipping strategies were among the majority of those reporting increased sales. We find this very positive, too.

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