Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Shipping Notices Keep Customers Happy

Don't forget to show your customers you are giving them great service. One simple way is to send them an email to let them know their package is on the way. Today's best order systems may have this feature, the carrier shipping systems might be able to help, and high-quality third-party shipping systems have this as an optional or (better yet) a standard feature.

For example, Harvey Software’s CPS shipping software includes as standard the SHIP eLERT® that sends email shipping notices right out of CPS using your company's own email address. You don't need Outlook, Outlook Express, etc., for this. Since each SHIP eLERT comes from you instead of the carrier or another party, there is no doubt about who your customer is doing business with.

Great service keeps customers. Showing customers know how well you are serving them is a great way to encourage repeat business.

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Navy Signal Flags said...

I agree that shipping notices make the customer happy. Since day one we have sent an email along with the delivery confirmation number so that they know the package is on the way. A fair percentage email back and thank me.