Friday, May 9, 2008

Get the Best Shipping Rate with New Post Office Commercial and Retail Prices

Like they promised, the post office is changing their prices on schedule again. They decided to do changes in May, and this year's changes take effect on May 12th. The changes are a lot more than listed here, but it's easy to see them at

In the saving money department, new for this year are the lower prices for Priority Mail and Express Mail when you use online postage. You might read about new "retail" and "commercial" prices. You get commercial prices when you use online postage, and those prices are lower than retail. Retail prices are what you pay when you go to the counter at the post office.

To get the lower prices, you want to be sure your shipping system uses an online postage system. Harvey's CPS is one shipping system that does this. and others are online postage providers. The post office says the average Priority savings is 3.5% and for Express Mail it is 3%. Certainly better than a fuel surcharge!

If you use a manifest you pay retail prices and don't get the commercial discount. You might qualify for a volume discount, but this new commercial pricing is guaranteed only if you use online postage. The post office is still holding meetings about this update, so we may see more changes before they are done.

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