Friday, July 22, 2011

Reason 9 To Use A Multiple Carrier Shipping System – One Word - AbandondedShoppingCarts (And How to Stop Them)

Reason 9 To Use A Multiple Carrier Shipping System – One Word - AbandondedShoppingCarts (And How to Stop Them)
Ready for more orders in your online store? Of course you are! Shopping cart abandonment is up to 25% higher than previous years - now estimated as high as 59%. With the year's biggest order season coming, right now is the time to get your strategy in place to keep the most orders possible. Using a multiple carrier shipping system can help. Use a multiple carrier shipping system with your company’s carrier rates and you can make sure every package is shipped by the best choice for carrier and service, plus you have historical shipping data to help you develop shipping charge strategies.

What causes abandoned carts? There are several reasons, but the top reasons always include surprise charges, such as an unexpected handling charge or a shipping charge too high, at the end of the transaction. Studies show these definitely cause buyers to abandon the cart. A number of experts and Internet entrepreneurs find that displaying shipping charges before checking out avoids shopping cart abandonment. A strategic mix of flat rate shipping with "free" shipping offers combats this problem. Now, how to actually implement this?

Free shipping is very easy to calculate. Figuring out the right amount for flat-rate shipping takes a little more effort. Our CPS shipping software includes an easily accessed report showing average shipping cost per package and average shipping cost per pound. With just a few mouse clicks you can keep tabs on your shipping costs for any period of time by carrier and service to accurately manage a flat rate shipping offer.

Monitor your costs monthly and make adjustments as your average charges change. Then use this valuable data for your shipping charge strategy for flat rate or even free shipping offers. You need to be on your best game, especially at special times of the year like holidays when everyone is competing for consumer dollars.

A number of experts and Internet entrepreneurs say it is very important to display shipping charges before checking out. Remember - no surprises! Use Flat Rate shipping offers and your shoppers know the shipping cost before they have to disclose any information about themselves, which combats abandoned carts, simplifies their shopping experience and gives you the best chance at a successful order. Make the process easy and your customers will click "Buy" instead of "Bye". For more information about CPS, visit, and look for the link to our “Free Guide for Reducing Shopping Cart Abandonment” report, right on the home page.

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