Friday, September 17, 2010

Hazardous Materials Shipping Changes Starting October 1, 2010

Hazardous Materials Shippers - This Update is for You.

For companies shipping hazardous materials with UPS, there are new regulations shippers must meet by October 1, 2010. The Department of Transportation now requires companies shipping Hazardous Materials (HazMat) to provide Emergency Contact and Emergency Telephone information.

What does this mean to shippers? It means that software producing Hazardous Materials documentation must require the entry of the Emergency Contact and Emergency Telephone information. If the existing HazMat document software does not already do this, look for an update to this software. There may also be an update for your shipping software for this, too. Here is how this will work with Harvey Software's Computerized Parcel System (CPS™) shipping software.

CPS works with LabelMaster's Masterform® software for HazMat documentation. Right now, updates are on the way to all current users of the Masterform software. There is also a new version of CPS to support this. Install Masterform, then install the CPS update and that's it. These updates can be installed anytime. After the Masterform and CPS updates are installed, the HazMat shipping process will meet the new regulations. If this change affects your company, contact your HazMat documentation company and/or shipping software company if you have specific questions about this.

If your company needs a HazMat compliant, multiple carrier shipping system, contact Harvey Software for information about the CPS shipping system.

Remember - the deadline is October 1, 2010 to meet the new HazMat regulations. This is definitely important since there are heavy fines and even criminal penalties when HazMat is not shipped correctly. We suggest you do not wait until the possible last day to update so you can be sure your HazMat packages meet the requirements to be delivered properly and without issues with the carrier or government regulations.

Click here for information found at the UPS web site about shipping HazMat with UPS...

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2 comments: said...

What area this policy covers. Means, is it for some particular city/state's shipping companies or it regulates on all shipping companies?

Steve Stevenson said...

The regulations apply to all US origin shippers. It does not matter which shipping carrier is used.