Thursday, August 19, 2010

It's Time To Get Ready for the Busy Shipping Season

We are seeing more and more companies getting ready for the upcoming busy shipping season. This is smart planning since now is the perfect time to get your shipping system and shipping procedures ready for the holidays. But, preparing your shipping department to do its best this holiday season is much more than making sure the shipping software and hardware work.

It's more than just getting the boxes out the door. It also includes checking out shipping systems advancements and how they can help your company. These advancements include: using "best rate" shopping or getting the best price for delivery by a certain date; implementing a strategy so that what you charge for shipping increases your sales; using address verification to eliminate non-delivery and address correction fees; telling your customers their order is on the way; and providing the data you need to make smart decisions about how you use your carriers.

Here are some areas to check:

Does your shipping system use your company's actual contracted rates with the carriers when you rate shop?

Does you rate shopping include the residential or commercial address status so you rate shop the right prices?

Does your shipping system provide reports to analyze your average "break even" shipping costs for Ground, 2Day, etc., so you can intelligently determine the correct flat-rate shipping charge or what you need to do to offer free shipping?

Use these ideas to help you get ready for a profitable shipping season.

The right shipping system, including our own CPS shipping software, will help with all of these. Your customers and your bottom line will both appreciate the effort.

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