Thursday, May 20, 2010

Headed for the Bottom Line - Calculating a Shipping System's Return on Investment

Headed for the Bottom Line - Calculating a Shipping System's Return on Investment
Whatever your view of the current economy, it's fair to say these are challenging times. Today, there are events you cannot control that affect your business (what the Greek economy is doing to the world markets) and there are aspects that you do have power over, such as controlling your costs and making positive efforts to increase your market size and sales. That's a shipping problem that Harvey Software can help you solve.

But how do you evaluate tools to help you? As a shipping system developer for over 26 years, we have seen some great ideas, and we've seen others… When we look at new ideas for our CPS shipping software or we see new information to provide our customers and prospective customers, we want everything to relate to a company saving money and making more sales. The more we help, the more loyal our customers are - and we have many customers who have used our CPS shipping software for many years.

Recently, we developed a new tool to help companies determine their potential savings using CPS. To make this as accurate as possible, we use customer provided data and testimonials to calculate each before-and-after example. Here is what we looked at.

We evaluated the savings using the CPS Address Verification Module, CPS RateBots, and CPS Smart RateBots. Then we considered the mix of package destinations. The samples included mostly residential destinations, mostly commercial destinations, and an even split between commercial and residential. Finally, we presented the information in an easy-to-understand "savings per day" calculation. We were sure that our customers had some powerful tools in CPS, but the actual numbers surprised even us!

For a company shipping an average of 50 packages per day, the minimum was $18 per day using Address Verification by itself. The savings increased to $413 per day using Smart RateBots and the Address Verification Module together. WOW! Even using the minimum as an example, if a company ships 250 days per year, that's $4,500 in savings, straight to the bottom line. Add Smart RateBots and the savings is huge! And remember these amounts came from CPS users, so they are definitely "real world" numbers. Could savings like these help you through these times?

Want to see your potential savings? Try the CPS Savings Calculator from our home page at

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