Monday, April 5, 2010

Save $$$ and Frustration When You Check the Address Before You Ship

What is more frustrating to your customer (and you) than a package that never reaches its destination? And how annoying is it to you when you pay too much to ship a package? Whenever you avoid these situations, everyone wins. Checking the address at the time a package is shipped can reduce and even eliminate the unhappy customers that result from packages that cannot be delivered due to a bad address - even when the customer typed the address themselves. Address verification can also slash "address correction" fees. These mean you pay more (sometimes a lot more) for a good package delivery.

Many companies either price shop each package or want to price shop. The better address correction programs tell you if the destination is a commercial or residential address so the right type of delivery service is used for price comparisons. After all, who wants pages of unexpected residential delivery fees on the carrier bill? An additional layer to this problem is that address verification programs can cost in the thousands, so how can you make a solution for these problems cost effective?

The Address Verification Module (AVM) for Harvey Software's CPS shipping software uses the USPS CASS certified database and: 1) Makes rate shopping happen correctly between residential and commercial services; 2) Warns you if the residential/commercial choice is incorrect; 3) Tells you when an address doesn't exist; 4) Lets you know that the address exists but is missing some key information such as suite number apt #, etc.; and 5) Standardizes addresses to match the USPS CASS certified database. Some address correction programs cost thousands. For CPS, it's just $199.95 to add this great capability.

CPS is not the only shipping system that has this available, although the CPS AVM is definitely one of the least costly. Address checking in your shipping system is another way a good shipping system helps your company put money on the bottom line and solves the shipping problem of bad addresses.

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