Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Put Best-Price Shopping for Time Sensitive Packages on Auto-Pilot

Rate shopping is something you expect in a multi-carrier shipping system. How about time shopping? By that, I mean getting the best rate for a time definite delivery? That's something you may not see in every multi-carrier shipping system. Real-time, best price control of time-guaranteed carrier services with Smart Ratebots™ is recently introduced in our CPS™ Shipping Software is. The concept for this powerful shipping optimization tool is simple.

Let’s say a package needs to be delivered tomorrow. If delivery tomorrow is guaranteed by ground service, why use a more expensive express service for the same result? Not every package that must arrive within a specific time needs to be shipped by an express service. Many companies just use the express service without considering alternatives. Free shipping and other holiday shipping offers, especially as the holidays come closer, may have delivery date promises included. Smart RateBots give shippers alternatives and even make this an automated choice. The shipper completely controls the decisions made by Smart RateBots, which means they control their shipping cost. Companies today want this kind of shipping system power and the significant savings it brings.

If you have time sensitive documents, perishables and other packages that need to be delivered within a specific number of days, use Smart RateBots for the best priced delivery for all your packages.

If you would like to see how Smart RateBots work in CPS click here...


Eric said...

The perfect tool for the holidays. Wow.

Austin Shipping said...

Looks cool.