Monday, February 16, 2009

Use CPS™ with Endicia® and Get the Best Shipping Rate Every Time

The "bottom line" is always important, and even a little more so when times are challenging, like today. Paying more than necessary for shipping comes directly off the bottom line. Understanding the new post office rates (effective 01/18/09) and how to best use them is one way to keep the bucks on the bottom line.

The post office now has three domestic rate price levels: Retail, Commercial Base and Commercial Plus. Commercial Plus is for the highest volume shippers. Commercial Base rates are available to everyone using Endicia or for those manifesting. Retail rates are the "over-the-counter" rates for stamp and meter users. For international shippers, those using Endicia receive discounts up to 10%, a discount that even those manifesting do not receive. If you use the post office, you definitely want the discounts and Harvey Software's CPS shipping software supports them all. Use CPS with Endicia and you can take advantage of all of the USPS discounts.

If you use more than one carrier, you probably know that rate shopping can be difficult. The "residential or commercial" factor that comes into play for those shipping to residences complicates rate shopping more, but CPS can automatically determine the residential or commercial status when rate shopping. This lets you price shop and use Endicia to the best advantage for every package with the best rates every time. Isn't that how dollars stay on your bottom line? For more on CPS with Endicia click here...

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