Friday, August 22, 2008

A Reliable Shipping System Must Include a Good UPS

How can you give your shipping system an additional "edge" to be as reliable as possible? Use a battery backup (or UPS - uninterruptible power supply) so that temporary power interruptions do not affect your shipping.

Our CPS(TM) shipping software is very reliable (with great “Economic Stimulus" pricing through 8/29 - a shameless "plug") but a power problem in the middle of shipping a package can create problems, including an unnecessary system crash. A battery backup gives you time to shut down your computer properly. Better battery backups also provide line conditioning to correct line sags as well as reduce an over voltage on the line.

Ideally, using a good UPS with line conditioning abilities is the way to go. Use it when you need maximum reliability and up time for any computer, including servers, networking devices, and Internet modems and routers.

Choose a good UPS and protect the business's data and make sure that service to customers isn't interrupted. Brand names include MaxPower Corp., APC, Minuteman, Tripp Lite, Liebert, and Best Power.

The right UPS will take the panic out of a power interruption.

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